Kartik Tuli is a New Delhi & Providence based graphic designer studying at RISD. His focus lies in strategic, research oriented explorations of digital and analogue media to form visual narratives, with a keen interest in editorial and type design. Feel free to contact* for any work related enquiries or collaborations.

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Defamiliarization Zone


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Defamiliarization Zone

Public Interaction

Walking is a human condition. One must move to navigate and survive. With time we have evolved to do this on two limbs, and has become an inherant part of our lives. We take this for granted and remove it from our prime conciousness. This project have evolved over to course of 3 years and has taken into account different ways of refamiliarizing the conciousness we lose by a way of defamiliarizing the same.

Using processing and c++ a pathway was created to bend the perception of the viewer. As the participant walks through the zone a live feed of themselves refreshes itself onto different portions of the screen. This is meant to defamiliarize the viewer of their surroundings. 

* Created as part of Design Studio under the guidance of Keetra Dean Dixon, RISD 2019.

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