Kartik Tuli is a New Delhi & Providence based graphic designer studying at RISD, currently freelancing at SSS*. His focus lies in strategic, research oriented explorations of digital and analogue media to form visual narratives, with a keen interest in editorial and type design. Feel free to contact* for any work related enquiries or collaborations.

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Insterstate 95
                                             Identity System & Installation

A publication formed as analysis of the graphic syntax of the contemporary industrial sphere to inform visualizations of potential industrial futures.

I-95 is an installation and series of components from a collaborative project with Cameron Galley and William Sumrall investigating and mapping the visual syntax of the contemporary industrial sphere to predict future industrial realities.

We chose to focus our study on the underpass of I-195 on Gano St. Users could experience the site we mapped through the installation as well as video and virtual reality components. Our approach was to frame this site as a “stage” for a performance. We were interested in isolating the layers of this stage and the liminal variables of the ongoing industrial “performance” taking place at the Gano street staging ground under the highway.

* Created as part of Design Studio 3 under the guidance of Hammet Nurosi & Kelsey Elder, RISD 2019.

A Virtual Reality rendition of Gano St. Viewers were allowed to navigate the space through day and night via a VR headset.

A series of posters were created in response to the site and its every changing utility.

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