Kartik Tuli is a New Delhi & Providence based graphic designer studying at RISD, currently freelancing at SSS*. His focus lies in strategic, research oriented explorations of digital and analogue media to form visual narratives, with a keen interest in editorial and type design. Feel free to contact* for any work related enquiries or collaborations.

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Stop Making David Byrne


Custom typeface created for the book which also appears on the cover as a motif.

Stop Making David Byrne” was put together as a collection of writings of Talking Heads frontman David Byrne’s all encompassing life and work. With excerpts from his book “Bicycle Diaries” and articles from an extensive online journal maintained on topics ranging from world politics to socio-cultural inquiries, the book seeks to move beyond the musical genius into a much broader spectrum that David Byrne exists in.

I typeset the chapter titles to suggestively relate to the content with a careful selection of images aiding the text. The custom display typeface KAP uses its sharp contrast between the thick and thin to portray the wide range of topics touched upon in this book.

(8.5” x 5.5”, Kettle Stitch binding, 200 pages)

* Created as part of Typography 2 under the guidance of Ramon Tejada, RISD 2019.

Poster Designed with custom type for the book.The poster folds into the cover of the book.

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